Occupy Vancouver

#OccupyVancouver: the latest from twitter

A brief play-by-play of today's events at Occupy Vancouver, as protesters begin to respond to the fire safety concerns.

Vancouver Fire Department attempts to upgrade safety at Occupy Vancouver

Pictured in photos: John Mckearney; Ricky Lavallie; Mike Evan; Duncan; Jurgen Claudepierre; Bob Ages; The Council of Canadians; Daniel Evan; Kiki; Sean; Sema.

Vision Vancouver’s economic platform overshadowed by Occupy movement

Mayor Gregor Robertson and his team made an announcement yesterday revealing their economic platform, pledging to keep taxes low, support small businesses and promote Vancouver as a destination for...

Occupy Vancouver protesters target financial institutions with 'run on the banks'

Demonstrators -- buoyed by David Suzuki's support for the Occupy movement -- march against Canadian financial institutions, culminating in a boisterous take-over of a bank.

#Occupy protesters greet George W. Bush in Surrey: photos

A group of about 200 protesters, many from the movement, showed up at Surrey this morning to protest former U.S. president Occupy Vancouver George W. Bush at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit....

RCMP step up security for Bush and Clinton Surrey meeting

The RCMP will be "strategically deployed" to keep #Occupy protesters at bay when former U.S. presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton meet in Surrey Thursday. Bush and Clinton will speak to a lunch...

Families of missing women take to the streets, joined by #OccupyVancouver

As a troubled inquiry into missing women entered its second week, family members of the disappeared took over a busy downtown intersection in opposition.

Is flying out of Vancouver International airport still safe?

Toronto airport security workers and Air Canada flight attendants wait on ongoing labour disputes, while pre-board screening staff in Vancouver prepare for changes accompanying new management.

Signs of protest from Occupy Vancouver remain: photos

 Occupy Vancouver volunteers continued to string hundreds of placards around the perimeter of the art gallery on a line made of donated rope and tape today. The placards were  left behind...

I’m not a hippie but I’m hopeful

Walking to the Broadway Skytrain Station, on my way to check out Occupy Vancouver on Saturday morning, I noted that it was a beautiful day. I recall thinking the same thing about 9/11 and the October...