Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Vancouver marches to the B.C. Supreme Court

Occupy Vancouver activists marched down Granville Street this afternoon carrying giant domes, protesting the B.C. Supreme Court decision to issue an injuction for the tent city to be dismantled by 2...

Occupy Vancouver packs up, pitches new camp at Robson Square

As an eviction deadline arrived, most of the camp was loaded into trucks, and activists scrambled to find beds for about 30 homeless people.

Author Bill McKibben speaks to Occupy and UBC students about climate change activism

"We are not the radicals. The radicals are the corporations that are willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere and make the ocean 30 per cent more acidic."

NPA got mad when they should have gotten smart

So it is over. And the result was predictable. Predictable, that is, if you don’t pay attention to the media’s predilection to focus on the small beer like the “Occupy Crisis”.  Polls over the...

Occupy Victoria folds its tents but Toronto vows to stay put

Which way will Occupy Vancouver lean on Monday? It's anybody's guess.

Gregor Robertson casts ballot at Emily Carr Elementary School

It was a family event: the kids are old enough to vote now too.

Court orders Occupy Vancouver tents to come down

Just hours before civic election, courts grant injunction to end protest camp.

Ruling expected Friday in Occupy Vancouver injunction hearings

Arguments address the protest's impact on other events, possible damage to art, and the homeless population at camp.

No resolution yet in Occupy Vancouver hearings

City lawyers now seeking an injunction on grounds of trespassing, protesters arguing against removal of tents that house the homeless.