Five arrested at Occupy Vancouver's port protest

Five protesters were arrested today for breach of the peace as today's "Occupy The Ports" protests, according to a police report. Occupy activists disrupted traffic and protested at throughout...

Occupy Vancouver hits the waterfront, but doesn't close it

Rolling blockades failed to win union support but make their point loud and clear.

Legal issues face #Occupy across Canada

What are the limits of freedom? Ottawa professors explain the legal issues facing Occupy across Canada.

Occupy Vancouver marches on City Hall: slide show

Occupy Vancouver protesters, infuriated by a court's decree that their encampment must be dismantled on Monday by 2 p.m., marched on City Hall Friday night. In the picture below, protesters hurry to...

Art = Libération: Automatist Revolution comes to Vancouver’s Baron Gallery

For if the work of Pierre Gauvreau & Janine Carreau can be said to be “about” anything, it is about the mind that makes it.

Occupy Vancouver affordable housing march: photos

Occupy Vancouver held a rain-soaked rally for affordable housing in downtown Vancouver earlier this afternoon.