The middle of things: your numerology cycles for June 1–15

We have finally reached the middle of things (cycle-wise), what Carl Jung referred to as “neti, neti”—neither this or that.

Full of temptation: your numerology cycles for May 16–31

The darling month of May continues to be full of temptation to abandon duty and go looking for forbidden fruit.

If I Were Gordon Brown’s Numerologist

If British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had had a numerologist on his staff, he would probably have avoided the recent disastrous headline-making gaffe he made

The lusty month of May: your numerology cycles for May 1–15

That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray.

Romance Continues to Blossom: Your Numerology Cycles for April 16–30

Don't get too distracted by romance in this last half of April.

Spring Has Sprung: Your Numerology Cycles for April 1–15

Spring has sprung and necks are coming out everywhere

More on March: Your Numerology Cycles for March 16–31

The world is now in the calm domesticity of the six cycle month, March

The Love Month: Your Numerology Cycles for February 1–14, 2010

Let’s face it, February is a love month. Find out how your month will play out.

The New Cycle Year Continues: Your Numerology Cycles for January 16–31, 2010

The world might scatter energy in the 3 cycle year. We should all focus on what we can do to heal our mother, planet Earth.

Happy New Cycle Year: Your Numerology Cycles for January 1–15, 2010

Welcome to a new chapter in the book of your life. We are in a new cycle year—all of us—and so is the world. This is a dynamic energy: social, communicative, artistic, full of joy and celebration, and