Three movies tell real stories: Spotlight, The 33 and Mavis

Also a rare visit to remotest Nepal and a Robert De Niro film going straight to video on demand.
Earthquake, Nepal, Mount Everest, Canadians abroad

Canadian stranded in Nepal says Ottawa not doing enough to help citizens go home

KATHMANDU, Nepal — A Montreal woman trying to get home from Nepal after Saturday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake says Ottawa isn't doing enough to help expats and travellers stranded in the stricken...
Earthquake, Nepal, Mt Everest, Geological event, Canadians abroad

'Chaos' at Nepal airport, says Montreal woman stranded by massive earthquake

TORONTO — A Montreal woman stranded in Nepal by Saturday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake says there's chaos at the airport as foreigners try to leave the stricken country. Emilie-Anne Leroux says she was...

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

Spice that's nice. Like Gurkhas, when not wielding a kukri.

Seven years in waiting: Canadian immigrants hoping to reunite with relatives sooner

Families talk of suffering as they wait for reunification.

Don't just watch this, do something

If after watching this movie, you're  moved to action, please join me in supporting Kinasocialventures with a donation.  Kina exists for one simple reason:  to educate girls. ...