Canada to join U.S.-British effort to train Ukrainian combat troops

Canada to join U.S.-British effort to train Ukrainian combat troops

Canada will send 200 military trainers to Ukraine, joining the U.S. and Britain in an international effort to shore up the eastern European country's battered and bloodied combat forces. Prime...
NATO secretary general

Harper to meet, talk ISIL with NATO secretary general

OTTAWA — NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is making his first visit to Canada this week, with the subject of how to address rising tensions with Russia likely to feature high on the agenda....

Rethinking international affairs: A call for a multidisciplinary approach

Troubled times call for creative thinking. And 2012 will be no exception.

Harper comments on Ghadafi's death

Moammar Gadhafi is dead. The ousted Libyan leader was confirmed dead in his hometown of Sirte Thursday. The Canadian Press has the story:   OTTAWA - Moammar Gadhafi will never be able to...

Commons OKs three more months in Libya

"We'll be there till the end," says MacKay. "We need a different mandate," says the NDP.

Kabul attack updates

Taliban gunmen armed with suicide vests and heavy weaponry have launched co-ordinated attacks in Kabul, targeting NATO's headquarters, the US embassy, and the Afghan intelligence agency, Al Jazeera...

Promise to Afghans remains largely broken

Two of every three Afghans who risked their lives for Canadian military in Kandahar have been turned away.

Qaddafi loyalists get ultimatum

The National Transition Council of Libya has given loyalists to Libyan dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi until Saturday to surrender to rebel forces and transfer control of Qaddafi's...

Future of Canada's mission in Libya up in the air

PM to consult allies, but for now, no clear answer on country's role in any post-liberation scheme for troubled nation.

Aid watchdog warns of 'escalating stalemate' in Afghanistan as attacks increase

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- An organization that keeps track of threats to aid workers in Afghanistan warns of an "escalating stalemate,'' adding the Karzai government is losing its grip on northern...