Nathan Cullen

Nathan Cullen in the House of Commons

B.C. MP Nathan Cullen hints at a possible bid for New Democrat leadership

Nathan Cullen is leaving open the possibility that he will seek the leadership of the federal New Democrats.

NDP introduces bill to ban oil tankers from northern B.C. coast

NDP MP Nathan Cullen introduced a bill designed to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, a 1,100 kilometre pipeline proposal that would carry 535,000 barrels of diluted bitumen across British...

What Nathan Cullen would have said at the JRP Enbridge hearing

Nathan Cullen, NDP House Leader and MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, felt insulted. The federal government's attitude wrapping up its arguments before the Joint Review Panel hearings on the Northern...

Nathan Cullen on Harper, Trudeau and finding his voice

The loss of Nigel Wright as chief of staff has hurt Prime Minister Harper deeply.  “The Prime Minister's loyalty to his inner circle is deep – very deep. That's why the Nigel Wright chief of...

Second omnibus budget bill alters Navigable Waters Protection Act

The second omnibus, introduced today in the House, removes pipelines from the list of "obstacles" in navigable waters such as lakes.

As Parliament reconvenes, Opposition braces for second budget bill

Canada's Parliament resumes today after its two-month summer break. The NDP is expected to challenge the Conservatives over the second budget bill. Like the controversial Bill C-38, the omnibus...