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Scorcese’s faith-based Silence, NASA’s Hidden Figures and Alice Munro stories migrating to Spain as Julieta

Also a young boy’s therapy when A Monster Calls and three peeks into the Italian Film Festival

Before Harry Potter, before the Supreme Court and a better teen comedy filmed in Surrey

Also an unusual musical, a recycled orchestra, a real estate rebel and the Canadian filmmakers who fooled NASA
Vancouver-based UrtheCast to help NASA

Vancouver-based UrtheCast to help NASA stream space station videos

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver-based company has announced that it's teaming up with NASA to help send out live, high definition video of the Earth taken from the International Space Station. Scott Larson,...

Don’t sell your stuff, NASA says the world will not end next Friday

The Mayan Apocalypse is all but debunked. But that doesn't mean that we need to give up on the end of the world. Remember that, when it comes to the apocalypse, we have plenty of options.

NASA's Curiosity landing blazes trail for humans on Mars

NASA's Curiosity brings humans one step closer to setting foot on the red planet.

Earth Day no deterrent to Canada’s drive for more dirty fossil fuels

What changes in Canada’s climate pollutions have occurred since the first Earth Day 42 years ago?

NASA mission finds Kepler-22b, an earth-like planet

The new planet may be habitable, but what kind of creatures inhabit it?

Asteroid passes closer than moon, no danger feared

MONTREAL - An asteroid as big as an aircraft carrier is due to make a relatively close fly past the Earth this evening. Asteroid 2005 YU55, which is 400 metres wide, is expected to whiz past our...

NASA: it rained so hard the oceans fell

Worldwide rainfall and snowfall were so extreme, in so many places last year, that sea levels fell dramatically. What role did global warming play and where are we headed from here?