multiple sclerosis

Meditation and chronic pain

If neither you nor anyone immediate to you has had chronic pain, it is nearly impossible to relate to.

Andrewpalooza helping a man walk again

When VO food blogger Scott Graham found out that his friend Andrew needed $7,000 for medical treatment, he set off to do what he's good at doing: fundraising. But unlike raising money for famous...

UBC designing after care for MS patients treated abroad

Some people afraid to confess they've had controversial treatment.

Gold & Copper at VIFF

The most important challenge was that they had broached a subject that was very sensitive to Iranian society. It was almost like walking on a tight-rope.

Newfoundland and Labrador will fund trials for controversial MS treatment

An announcement was made Monday by Newfoundland and Labrador Health Minister Jerome Kennedy that his province would begin clinical trials of a controversial new therapy for multiple sclerosis called...

Diana Matheson to travel to Poland for experimental MS treatment

When a storm destroyed the lattice in Diana Matheson's East Vancouver garden, the art therapist went to a home renovation box store to buy a replacement As she walked down the aisle, a ladder fell...