In Texas, Vancouverite Cringes at US Health System

Letter to the Editor from Steve Drinkwater

I am still a resident of Houston, Texas, but moving back to Vancouver later this month. I follow
the health care debate on both sides of the border.

When I hear Canadians urge a private system, modeled on the US one, I cringe. I'm almost certain they don't have the whole story.

Following is a link to a story in today's Houston Chronicle that shows how things really work in Texas, despite being home to some of, if not the best, hospitals in the world.

"Since she doesn't qualify for county assistance, Jennifer Holliday drives three hours twice a week to Galveston for limited care of her arm, torn apart by a shotgun blast. She still needs surgery," the story by Harvey Rice reads.

I don't know how to get the word out to Canadians. It seems the only negative things they hear about come from Michael Moore.

We need more corroborative evidence, and this article can provide that.

Best regards, and keep up the excellent work.

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