Michael Geller

DTES Local Area Plan pleases, and enrages, everyone

As the saga of our several community plans continues to unfold in Vancouver the DTES Plan proves to be perhaps the most complex and innovative, but surprisingly not the most controversial.

#Occupy disrupts mayoral debate

Host Reverend Gary Paterson sings hymn to calm crowd.

NPA missing mojo and mayoral candidates

What if the NPA gave a nomination party and no candidates came?

Michael Geller went back to his high school reunion. (And you should, too.)

I've always been intrigued by school reunions. Whatever happened to ____? So I decided to return to North York for the Fiftieth Anniversary of my high school, W. L. Mackenzie. I started high school i

Civic Affairs

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the “Year In Review” forum hosted by previous NPA candidate Michael Geller, largely because I suspected an overwhelmingly NPA supportive crowd...