Metro Vancouver incineration plan

Peter Ladner on Metro Vancouver's garbage conundrum

With Metro Vancouver forging ahead with its plan to invest half a billion dollars in a new incinerator project to deal with the region's non-recycled waste, tension has been slowly rising in...

A waste-to-energy spin doctor's playbook

It's every waste-to-energy company's dream to have independent policymakers defending an incinerator with the same passion as Stephen Harper when he goes to bat for the tar sands.

Incinerators and coal factories equal in dismal economic benefits, U.S. study says

As part of its Clean Energy Act, BC does not allow coal-fired power generation. Meanwhile, Metro Vancouver is pursuing a $480 million plan for waste-to-energy incinerating garbage, which a U.S....

The "mind-boggling" path toward Metro Vancouver's $480 million incineration plan

"Incinerators are just a landfill in the sky. You still need a place to dump all that toxic ash," a member of Metro Vancouver's board told the Vancouver Observer.