Mayor Gregor Robertson

Mayor Gregor Robertson declares "Canucks Day" at City Hall celebration

Mayor Gregor Robertson, standing with Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini and Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis,  told an enthusiastic crowd today on the back lawn of City Hall that April 27th...

City Council approves balanced approach for Olympic Village affordable housing

Vancouver's Olympic Village will now serve as affordable housing.

A fish grows in Vancouver

Want to farm fish in your apartment? Collect eggs from your own hen house? Turn up a banner crop of mushrooms for the omelets? Don't have a clue how to get started? Call the Backyard Bounty Collectiv

Statement from Mayor Robertson on new HEAT shelter funding

“Today’s announcement that the Province will continue to fund three HEAT shelters is great news for the people of Vancouver and especially for our most vulnerable citizens. The HEAT shelters have...

Mayor Gregor Robertson presents certificate of appreciation and City Olympic medallions to VANOC executives

At City Council today, Mayor Gregor Robertson presented a Certificate of Appreciation and City Olympic medallions to executives of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and...

Real Stories, Live

We put on an event that celebrates storytelling and community. Trust us, you want to attend.

City Hopes Count Will Help End Homelessness by 2015

The Vancouver Homeless Count, taking place over 24 hours on March 22 and 23, 2010, will provide the City with updated information for staff as they revise the Homeless Action Plan for the City of...

Alexandra Samuel in More than 140 Characters

After launching more than 30 online communities through the Social Signal Company with her partner, stand-up comic and cartoonist Rob Cottingham, Alexandra Samuel recently became the director of...

Vancouver is Becoming the World's Most Sustainable City, Officials Say, but Not Everyone Sees Green

One year ago Mayor Gregor Robertson set a visionary goal for Vancouver to become the greenest city on the planet by 2020. How much progress did the City make in the first year? Vancouver Observer ask

Mayor Gregor Robertson Welcomes Prince Edward to the 2010 Paralympic Games

“The Prince is coming,” the photographer said, focusing her camera and moving closer in towards the curb.  “Prince William?” a tall grey-haired woman carrying a large bundle of flowers, asked...