Biutiful, Hall Pass, Alamar, a re-edited Justin Bieber and some Academy Award thoughts

Javier Bardem is up for an Oscar for playing a dying criminal and good father in Biutiful. (read more)

Incendies, Another Year, No Strings Attached, and more, plus a new film festival

Incendies is one of two exceptional films newly arrived this week. It’s our hope for the Oscars. (Read more).

The Green Hornet, Blue Valentine, Barney’s Version, Crispon Glover in person and seven other new films

A couple of local boys gone Hollywood have the week’s biggest, but not best, new film. Read more about The Green Hornet and the many others.

Vancouver International Film Festival Picks for the last two days: Thursday & Friday

My picks for the last two days include Incendies, the VIFF film that shook me the most. Also a ghost story, thoughts on marriage and one very speedy bank robber. (read more)

Vancouver International Film Festival Picks for Day 12: Monday

Mike Leigh’s new film Another Year is my best pick for today but check out some others too, including some great repeats. (read more)

Daughter of Canadian father and war bride, resident in nation for 62-years, but still not "Canadian"

“Bastard,” she says. Denise Tessier, 64, a retired BC Rail administrator living in Quesnel, B.C., makes a sound that could be mistaken for a sob. It’s a laugh. “My sister and I were born out of...

Why now, Al and Tipper? Why now?

If we all lived to be 120, Al and Tipper could be said to be going through a midlife crisis.  Maybe there is such a thing as a three quarter life crisis.  Or maybe they are just plain wimpy...

A few moments

Let me recount a few moments that were too hard to ignore.

Backstage at the Olympics: Jeff and Aly Pain Are Going for the Gold in Marriage

Aly Pain has asked her Olympic Silver Medalist Skeleton racer husband Jeff, for a divorce more than once in the last several years. And yet today, their marriage is stronger than ever.

Chapter Three: The Box in the Closet

My induction into the world of cross dressing was lonely. I needed support. I needed to talk. I felt I would implode. My mind told me I was not alone and I wanted to reach out, but I wasn't sure who...