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NOAA biologists use drone to capture images of endangered orcas, track their health

Drone flights near Washington's San Juan Islands captured striking photographs of all 81 members of the small population of orcas.

First humpback whales of season arrive in Hawaii waters; feds warn boaters to watch out

Whales spotted near Niihau and Kauai islands - and officials are warning boaters to avoid them.

Supporters of controversial sunken B.C. ship bouyed by fishy visitors

Sea floor adapting well to sunken ship despite fears of toxic chemicals.

New hydrophones monitor ship noise in Salish Sea in bid to help B.C. whales

Underwater noise identified as a threat to orcas living in the waters between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

Drone captures photos of new endangered baby orca swimming alongside mother

Scientists captured photographs of orcas using a remote-controlled 'hexacopter' hovering 100 feet above ocean.
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Province and First Nations launch vital Marine Planning Partnership initiative

Leaders from the North Pacific Coast First Nations and the provincial government of British Columbia announced completion of plans for the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) on Monday, which would...