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Lara Croft tries the movies again, Russia takes a cinematic slap, Donald and Helen go RVing

Also a groundbreaking film for gay teens, a poignant East-West crossover, power in modern Europe and a legendary Israeli response to highjacking

Michael Bay explains Benghazi, Charlie Kaufman does Anomalisa and the Macbeths reveal what made them do it

Also Ingrid Bergman’s own story, a tour of Renaissance masterpieces and weak films for kids and voyeurs

Unstuck challenges old notions about love, marriage and monogamy

Vancouver's hottest actors bare their body and soul to convey the loneliness we all feel, single or not.

Great stuff to do in Vancouver this weekend

All you need is Love ... and our weekend events guide.

Love out, love in with SummerSkin

Chelsea Maier has "upendo" tattooed along her ribcage, the Swahili word for love.  This ink is a constant memory of working in Africa and defines her apparel and accessories line, SummerSkin....

In One Person: A Romance Novel for the 21st Century

It is a Harlequin Romance 2.0; a romance novel from the LGBTQ generation. And yet, it is so much more.

Lovely scenes around Vancouver

Love is a wonderful thing. This week, we share some passionate moments captured by our talented VO Flickr contributors.

Captain America, Friends with Benefits, Life Above All and portraits of an Eco-Pirate and a paranoid chess master

Captain America, the comic book hero from the 1940s is brought back in a big new film. To what effect? (read more)

Raccoon season is upon us: your numerology cycles for June 16–30

June is definitely raccoon season in Kitsalino. Every evening last summer, a raccoon hung from the rafters of a house in my neighbourhood, driving the crows insane. Last week, as I was walking my dog...

A time for long walks along the beach: Your numerology cycles for May 16–31

Hockey lingers, but in spite of it we can feel the warmth and promise of summer around the corner. This all brings mellowness, mellowness as is only expressed on the West Coast. It’s time to slow...