Lindsay Brown

At 2013 BC Open Data Summit, apps and opportunities

Open Data experiencing growing pains as more public and private institutions jump on board.

Casino critics want rezoning vote delayed

Wait til court rules on Edgewater move, they argue.

Anti-gambling coalition fighting casino move in court

Vancouver municipal election 2011: Relocation of Edgewater still deserves a public airing, says Vancouver Not Vegas.

After riots, Facebook commentators weigh in on Brand Vancouver

"I'm not sure how many people caught any of the Car Free festivals that happened this past weekend but this is the real Vancouver energy," Jerry Sparrow answered. VO polls Vancouver on its future.

Vancouver hates casinos, Vancouver designer states in iPhone video

Lindsay Brown, a local designer says "Vancouver hates casinos" and calls the proposal process around the mega-casino application for B.C. Place "undemocratic." She predicts casino expansion public...

A battle long brewing comes to a head tonight at City Hall

A battle that has been brewing for months over Vancouver's future will come to a head tonight at City Hall.  Public hearings twice delayed will finally take place tonight at 7:30 p.m. in City...