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Harvesting from the freezer

Harvesting from the freezer: cooking with frozen vegetables from your garden

Cooking with frozen vegetables is a bit of a lost art. Here are some great favourite ways to prepare them.
Soil: Don’t treat it like dirt

Soil: Don’t treat it like dirt

Soil keeps us alive and regulates the climate. Let’s give it the respect it deserves.

Films with a pre-Rebel James Dean, Tom Hardy as twin gangsters and a future queen at play

Also corruption in Russia, resisting oppression in Iran and new movies from Europe and Vancouver
Why leaving your leaves is loving your leaves

Why leaving your leaves is loving your leaves

Leaves can be incredibly helpful in garden beds, and are a winter refuge for wildlife – as long as we don’t take them away.

How to store vegetable seeds

Seeds take care of us by providing delicious food, so let’s take care of them. Use these tips to store vegetable seeds.
Five ways to grow food when you don't have a garden

Five ways to grow food when you don't have a garden

It turns out that condo-dwellers have some surprising advantages when it comes to growing food.

What happens when you plant seeds in November?

Gardening is all about curiosity and creative exploration. Sometimes, I try things that break all the rules, just because it’s fun and interesting. Like planting seeds in November.

What gardeners eat in the fall

The rewards of year-round gardening are truly delicious. At this time of year, there’s plenty to harvest and little maintenance required.

Why cities are the future of sustainable food

From the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact to farm-to-table dinners to investment co-ops, cities are driving the local food movement. It’s more than just a trend.

How to plant garlic like a pro [video]

Garlic is an ideal urban crop because it takes up surprisingly little space, and October is the month to plant it. Here's how to grow it in your garden.