legal marijuana

B.C. groups call for legalized marijuana to be sold in liquor stores

Responsible Marijuana Retail Alliance of B.C. partnership is pushing for pot to be available in liquor stores by Christmas 2016.

B.C. doctors criticize Canada's strict medical marijuana rules

Medical marijuana held to different standard than other prescription drugs despite research suggesting it has therapeutic benefits. say experts.

U.S. lawyer moves from lobbying for pot laws at home to urging B.C. politicians

Vancouver is poised to push forward the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, says a lawyer who helped spearhead a successful pro-pot campaign in Washington state. Tonia Winchester said...

What's motivating voters in British Columbia?

Leaders, candidates, ideas, and emotions including a desire for stability, change, and a small dollop of disgust are driving B.C. voters to the polls this election.

Dinosaurs loose again in 'Jurassic World.' Alternative: Real stories in The Best of Hot Docs

If dinos don't do it for you, the annual tour of some gems from Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival is here until Tuesday at the VanCity Theatre.