Top ten coolest things to do in Vancouver this weekend

It is your weekly partytime plan - here is what the Bees have picked for you

Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead - an approach to cultivate creativity, vitality, and resilience in your company

If you want to develop a creative team that is going to adapt and really make things happen, then try Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead as an approach.  With Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead, the leader remains...

The deep democracy of a Canadian Town Meeting with Michael Ignatieff

Nothing in me is smug about the safety of Canada. I'm an American on the brink of becoming a Canadian citizen and I’m here tonight to see how we conduct our political discourse.

The Two Caroles and Leadership Intrigue in BC

Apparently in my search for leadership issues, intrigue and drama, I was looking towards the wrong Carole. After listening to her caucus colleagues, one can see that Carole James has her caucus all si