Kate Middleton

Canada Post gets back to work

Eager snail mail awaiters can expect to start seeing Post Canada trucks parked in front of their yards as early as tomorrow. It's back to work for Canada Post. The mailboxes are to be unsealed today...

Will Kate wear Reiss Shola in Calgary?

Royal fashion watchers are abuzz with excitement as they anticipate Kate Middleton's dress choices in Canada.

Royal thrones planned in advance for visiting newlyweds

No detail is too small for Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming Canadian tour. In preparation for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, officials are using strategic military tactics to map...

Princess Diana's evening gowns fetch millions in Toronto

The late Princess Diana's dresses were sold for millions at Waddington's auction house in Toronto Thursday night. Diana's Edwardian-inspired Victor Edelstein evening gown was auctioned for a...

Prince and Kate do Canada

Prince William and Katie Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, make their way across the pond in approximately one week.

The royal newlyweds' tour prompts memories of Charles and Diana

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Canadian tour invokes memories of when another prince brought his young bride to this country.

Is Kate Middleton having an affair?

Catherine Middleton got hacked. It was reported today that a private investigator Jonathan Rees, who works for a newspaper, managed to gain access to Middleton's cell phone. Yikes. Is it because...

Royal newlyweds to get Great Big Sea, the Sam Roberts Band and Maria Aragon on Canada Day

Great Big Sea was featured prominently at the 2010 Winter Games. Now, they're getting the royal treatment.

Heels away: espadrilles make big comeback

Move aside heels, this season it's all about comfort and sensibility. This season, espadrilles will be wedging” their way into the wardrobes of women everywhere.

Quebec parliamentarian calls visiting royals parasites; apology demanded

QUEBEC -- The Quebec government demanded an apology from a legislator who compared the Royal Family to parasites and circus performers but he didn't appear to be backing down Tuesday. The remarks...