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Timmy's leaves Kandahar on the double-double

Half a million iced capps later, Tim Hortons follows troops out of Afghanistan.

Promise to Afghans remains largely broken

Two of every three Afghans who risked their lives for Canadian military in Kandahar have been turned away.

Harper salutes departing troops; calls Kandahar Canada's 'great enterprise'

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Stephen Harper took one last tour of the wartorn Kandahar region today as Canada prepares leave its five-year war to begin training Afghan army and police. Harper told...

Aid watchdog warns of 'escalating stalemate' in Afghanistan as attacks increase

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- An organization that keeps track of threats to aid workers in Afghanistan warns of an "escalating stalemate,'' adding the Karzai government is losing its grip on northern...

Pride and regret for Canadian troops leaving Afghanistan as mission winds up

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- The slight swagger in the steps of Canadian soldiers in southern Afghanistan these days is tempered by wistfulness over what has been and what might yet come. As the sun...

Canada's future in Afghanistan

While Canada’s defence department is mapping out its biggest military exodus in almost 60 years, a spokesperson for BC troops said future training of the Afghan army is a grey area. The decision to...

My Friend Michelle Lang, Killed in Afghanistan with Four Soldiers: "I Will Always Miss Her..."

The war in Afghanistan has really hit home for me. My friend Michelle Lang, a journalist for the Canwest-owned Calgary Herald, was killed while riding in a military vehicle with four military personne