Justin Trudeau

Bob Rae says Lost Canadians shouldn't be forced into court over citizenship

Liberal leader Bob Rae insists it's wrong for Lost Canadians to be forced to sue the government in order to gain recognition of their right to citizenship.

Canada needs Nathan Cullen to help defeat Harper

If NDP voters are truly serious about taking down Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, they should take a good, hard look at BC’s sole leadership candidate, Nathan Cullen. No doubt lumped in with...

#TellVicEverything reveals everything Vic Toews never wished to know about Canadians

In response to the Public Safety Minister's "spying" bill, Canadians have started spamming his twitter feed with irrelevant details of their personal lives.

Justin Trudeau calls environment minister "a piece of shit'

Quebec MP follows in his famous father's colourful footsteps.

Conservatives aren't cool: Justin Trudeau

DECISION 2011: For those who can't get enough Justin Trudeau, we follow up our last report on his visit to Vancouver with another story and pictures.

Candidates Trudeau and Dosanjh rattle Tories' cage on family reunification and citizenship

DECISION 2011: Liberal MPs delight party faithful, woo ethnic vote with attack on Conservative policy.

Government will fall, says Justin Trudeau

"On Friday or Saturday, the Prime Minister will take a walk across the street from his residence to the Governor General's office to dissolve Parliament," Justin Trudeau, MP for the Montreal riding...

Liberals take strong stand on Lost Canadian rights

Liberal Citizenship critic Justin Trudeau announced today that a Liberal government would make Lost Canadian cases a priority of their administration. “It's not right that a country that is a leader...

Daughter of Canadian war veteran still denied Canadian citizenship

Scott lived half of her life in Canada as a Canadian citizen, until one day Canada took that citizenship away.

Trudeau leads MPs calling for citizenship law reform

Ottawa is waking up to the reality that Canada's citizenship rights are discriminatory and sexist. A Liberal campaigner urges the creation of a citizenship ombudsman to "focus solely on the thorny iss