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Unexpected death of Liberal candidate leads to questions about Eve Adams' plans to run

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau tweeted today that its federal candidate for Oakville North-Burlington, Max Khan, died after being hospitalized for pneumonia-like symptoms.   Shocked...
BC has cut fossil fuel use and maintained a strong economy

Canadians are ready for carbon pricing, politicians not so much: experts

Politicians remember all too well the lambasting Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion took in 2008 when he proposed a carbon price. But evidence shows that times have changed, and so has Canada.

Trudeau acted alone in axing senators; party insiders alarmed

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has removed all 32 Liberal Senators from the Upper House, stating there is “no longer any such thing as a Liberal Senator” in a move to restore the Senate as an...

Big Bucks for Foreign Oil or a Safe & Stable Future for Canada?

Just this morning, BC Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Allison Redford have announced that they have penned a deal to ram a pipeline from Northern Alberta's oil sands fields to the...
Justin Trudeau in Vancouver

Justin Trudeau addresses Lost Canadians' plight, says 'immigration system a total mess'

Trudeau acknowledges Lost Canadians' plight in Vancouver stopover.

Justin Trudeau criticizes Kenney's slowness in resolving Lost Canadians issue

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau condemned Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for being "slow" to grant citizenship to Canadian soldiers and their relatives who remain excluded due...

Justin Trudeau: legacy of an ‘empty’ campaign

If you didn't know, Justin Trudeau is the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Officially, he took that role on Sunday, April 14, at about 3:30 in the afternoon. In reality, he was proclaimed...

Justin Trudeau wins Liberal leadership with nearly 80% of vote

As many expected, Justin Trudeau has won the Liberal leadership race with a whopping 77.8 per cent of the vote. Joyce Murray, an outspoken candidate who urged electoral co-...

The power of brand Joyce Murray

A vote for Liberal candidate Joyce Murray is a vote for party co-operation against Harper.

Trudeau leadership campaign marches west

“The Liberal Party did not create Canada, Canada created the Liberal Party.”