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UFC 165: Jon "Bones" Jones wins one of the best fights in light heavyweight history

UFC 165 in Toronto can boast one of the greatest title fights in history.

UFC vs. Street Cred

To the chagrin of many fans, The UFC has recently shifted from 'the fastest growing sport in the world' to 'fighting entertainment'.

The UFC trips

The UFC falls into disrepute with a ridiculous match up between 205 pound Jon Jones and some middleweight whose last fight was a loss.

UFC 145: Jon 'Bones' Jones v. 'Suga' Rashad Evans

On April 21st in Atlanta, Georgia, 205 pound champ Jon Jones (left) risks his belt against arch nemesis Rashad Evans.

UFC Sweden: Alexander Gustafsson v. Thiago Silva

On April 14, finisher Alexander Gustafsson squares off against Brazilian tough guy Thiago Silva.