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Oil spill experts tell review panel Enbridge proposal is too risky

Oil spill experts tell National Energy Board panel that Enbridge's oil tanker and pipeline proposal is too risky.

Tense final day of Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Victoria

The final day of the Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearings in Victoria was short but tense, with presenters reduced to both anger and tears, and an apparent last-minute rule change. Lori Waters, the...
The speakers' waiting room on Day 6

Joint Review Panel hearings in Victoria: speakers say panel should broaden its scope

Speakers on Day 6 of the Joint Review Panel hearings anticipate a bleak future should Northern Gateway be approved.
Speakers in the waiting room

Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Victoria: criticism of project continues

Speakers tell panel it should have heard everything it needs to know by now
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Northern Gateway pipeline Joint Review Panel hearings in Victoria: day four

Speakers express their disappointment with security measures, the exclusion of the public from the hearing venue.

Enbridge oil pipeline and tanker proposal would threaten 'Super, Natural' BC tourism industry, panel told

Enbridge review panel told a single oil spill could devastate B.C.'s $14 billion a year tourism industry.

In Victoria, Joint Review Panel hears criticism and complaints about proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline

Every one of the 24 speakers at the joint review panel hearings in Victoria were vehemently opposed to the pipeline.

Enbridge promises minimum precautions, ignores seismic instability

NGP experts admitted to ignoring a Natural Resources Canada document on seismic instability in Douglas Channel.

Highlights from the Joint Review Panel Technical Hearings on Economics

Important moments for those following the proposed Enbridge pipeline debate closely.