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Overdue IOC Olympics report highlights "Games-time" jobs and greenhouse gas emission increases

An overdue Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics IOC-commissioned report released by the University of British Columbia has revealed significant impacts to the province's economy and increases of greenhouse...

How Vancouver reclaimed the 2010 Olympics from IOC's dominator energy

International Olympic Committee (IOC), as a controlling dominator energy, cast a dark shadow over Vancouver during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This third article on the topic explores IOC’s attempt t

IOC's false patriotism and disrespect of indigenous peoples

IOC is in the business of making money for itself by hosting Olympic events. That is its real agenda, disguised behind the smoke and mirrors of mad flag waving and false patriotism.

When the dominator energy came to town: the real IOC

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: Good for the city? Good for business? How?

Assessing the Olympics

On the last day of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, the sun came out, casting a glow on the dramatic, story book finish to the 21st Winter Olympic Games. What a nail-biting climax: a gold medal...

Public Drunkeness Posing Problem for Police at 2010 Vancouver Games

Vancouver Police are reporting unprecedented numbers of people in the downtown core Friday night and "significant" numbers of intoxicated people on the streets, many openly consuming liquor.  ...

Tactics for Democratizing Media During the Olympics and Beyond

  Hendrik Beune walks into the cafeteria at the Carnegie Centre in Vancouver, scratches his cell phone number on his business card and passes it over to me. The back of the card has an imprint...

Pesky Canadian Law Daunts International Olympic Committee's Efforts to Protect Brand From Dope-Fiend Athletes

Warning: This story contains a merry Olympic Christmas carol at the end for our friends in Brazil.

Pesky Canadian Law Daunts International Olympic Committee's Efforts to Protect Brand From Dope-Fiend Athletes

Once again, pesky Canadian law is in the way of the Olympic spirit shining as brightly as it must in Vancouver this February, but thanks to IOC, something is being done about it. In the tome that is...

Games-Time Accommodation, Three New Accessible Parks and the Next Olympics in Canada

Renting? – An information session for both landlords and tenants will be held on November 18th at 6:00 pm at UBC Robson Square in room C150/180.  Responsibilities leading up to and including...