International Development

VolunTourism: seeing the world to save the world has unexpected complexities

Emily Chan graduated from high school and became a "VolunTourist" in rural India. Now she looks back.

BCCIC’s youth campaign launched for International Development Week

International Development Week, Feb. 5 -11, is a CIDA-led initiative held annually for over 20 years, which celebrates Canadians’ involvement in international development and cooperation. As part of...

Saint Mary's craft co-operative helps Indian women overcome gender barriers and double earnings

Handmade crafts make great holiday presents, but how can Canadians ensure a genuine difference for a communities in developing countries? This story explores a Fair Trade co-operative in India.

Indian cotton farmers maneuver between fair trade, Monsanto and debt in search of better life

Ever think about the cotton in your products? This is a must-read article about the big ethical issues faced by farmers.