Why Canada can't afford Stephen Harper

It’s a good time to debunk the biggest Stephen Harper myth there is: “We are good economic managers”. Repeating a lie does not make it true.

A crazy week in BC politics

Another week in BC politics brings fresh hell for the BC Liberals...

Why the B.C. Liberals could have used Dianne Watts

Surrey mayor Dianne Watts is gregarious, trusted, and has a track record of turning toxic situations around. She, more than any other politican in B.C., can single-handedly revive the Liberals and giv

HST sales job: just another questionable deal in John Les' career?

John Les is the new parliamentary secretary for HST information. It’s worth an extra 15 grand a year -- a little gift from Premier Gordon Campbell to John. It comes as no surprise that Campbell...

Gordon Campbell says early HST referendum is best

There are a lot of strong voices supporting an early referendum on the HST. But none as powerful as Gordon Campbell’s, arguing in the original debate on the bill.

Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper and the fathers in my life

 Gordon Campbell’s decision to make the HST plebiscite binding got me thinking about how politicians react in different ways to unpopular decisions that they make.  Say what you will about...

Gordon Campbell dug deeper into his political grave with disingenuous HST apology

The Premier's segment on the CBC digs the Liberals into a deeper hole, his re-election intentions pushing even diehard Liberal voters across the aisle.

HST controversy to die a quiet death

Remember the HST? You do. You’re paying it, everyday, on everything aside from what the provincial government (technically speaking, the federal government) deems not to be essential goods and...

The unhappy reality of revoking the HST

The case against the Harmonized Sales Tax has resonated in many sectors across British Columbia. Who can blame people? According to a number of statistical analysis done by Statistics Canada, after...