Just hours left to cast your vote on the controversial HST

Elections BC collection centres close at 4:30 -- so use it or lose it.

HST ballot drop-off centre open at City Square Mall

Elections BC has set up five ballot drop-off centres in the Lower Mainland for HST ballots. The only drop-off location in Vancouver is beside Starbucks in the City Square Mall at 12th and Cambie.

Controversial HST turns one year old

As ballots hit the mail, feelings remain mixed over the tax that has bitterly divided BC.

Keeping HST is better for British Columbia, these economists say

With the HST referendum currently underway, British Columbians have the option of voting either "No" to keep the revised HST in place, or "Yes" to return to the dual tax systems of the PST and GST. A...

Harper makes former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell special envoy to London

Shortly after resigning last fall as B.C.'s premier, Gordon Campbell will bounce back into politics as Stephen Harper's new envoy to Britain.

HST referendum package distribution on hold until Canada Post strike ends

Elections BC has budgeted $12 million for the vote, which could end up being more or less expensive depending on how many ballots are returned, an official there tells VO.

Liberals to cut HST to 10 per cent if B.C. voters support tax in summer referendum

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon promises to cut HST by two per cent -- if B.C. voters agree to support the tax in this summer's referendum.

$5-million HST ad campaign "ridiculous," says Fight HST leader

Last week, the B.C. government kicked off its $5-million HST information campaign. The ads, which feature "stickman" figures arguing about whether HST is better for the province than PST and GST,...

BC Greens candidate Françoise Raunet: We need strong, healthy, sustainable communities

BYELECTION 2011: Candidate says that being "neither left nor right" has its appeal.

Vancouver's 5 best and 5 worst moments of 2010

This was the year that the eyes of the world were on Vancouver. When did we shine and when did we fall short?