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House of Commons

Mike Duffy trial, Harper and Senate Scandal, Enbridge, House of Commons

Was Duffy Enbridge's pipeline to Harper?

The senator's diary, hastily swiped with black-marker redactions, reveals that Duffy had teleconferences and exchanges with pipeline giant Enbridge—none of which were recorded with the federal...
Mike Duffy trial, Harper and Senate Scandal, Enbridge, House of Commons

Enbridge dismisses allegations of impropriety with Duffy

Following a National Observer investigation that triggered questions in Parliament about Mike Duffy's relationship to Enbridge and Prime Minister Harper, the company responded on Friday by...
Stephen Harper's ISIL speech Tuesday to House of Commons

Stephen Harper's ISIL speech Tuesday to House of Commons [FULL TEXT]

"Canadians did not invent the threat of jihadi terrorism, and we certainly did not invite it," says Harper.

Parliament debates NDP motion to defeat FIPA

The Canadian House of Commons debated a motion Thursday to stop the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA, or FIPA). The NDP, whose MP Don Davies tabled the motion,...

Linda Svendsen Imagines Life At 24 Sussex

Most Canadians know that the Prime Minister lives at 24 Sussex Drive while Parliament is in session. But most Canadians probably couldn’t tell you what the inside of the first house looks like or...

Nathan Cullen praises Mulcair and reflects on NDP leadership race

His voice hoarse from a "stunning" third-place finish at Saturday's NDP leadership convention, northern BC's Nathan Cullen told VO Mulcair is proving to be a good choice for New Democrats.

Harper’s Canada: A Conservative government policy fact sheet

Having trouble keeping track of what Canada's federal government is up to? Here's part one in a series outlining key events and issues that have defined Canadian politics over the past several months.

Justin Trudeau calls environment minister "a piece of shit'

Quebec MP follows in his famous father's colourful footsteps.

One in six head to jail for marijuana grow op crimes

A newly released study by the Justice Department has revealed only one in six convicted of marijuana grow-op crimes are sentenced with jail time The Canadian Press has the story: OTTAWA - Only about...

Commons OKs three more months in Libya

"We'll be there till the end," says MacKay. "We need a different mandate," says the NDP.