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The breakdown of boundaries

We live in an amazing new reality where the boundaries of time and space have been broken through; but just as we need to protect the boundaries surrounding our cyber-space privacy, so do we need to p

Oh Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

Despite appearances to the contrary, Summer is upon us. When Mr. Golden Sun finally starts seriously shining down, use homeopathy to ease any excess exposure and sooth inflamed skin.

Energy before matter

Why use homeopathy? While conventional medicine has its areas of expertise, it lacks a connection to the deeper levels of health and disease. In alignment with basic concepts of physics and biology,

Homeopathy: A Scholarly Computer Geek Investigates for Himself

Prompted by the mysterious illness his family kept dying from, an intellectual skeptic investigates alternative healing and finds it isn't the nonsense mainstream media keeps claiming it to be.

Finding the Way to Homeopathy: An Introduction

Most people are amazed to hear that during the late 1800’s, there were more homeopathic medical schools and hospitals in the US than there were conventional/allopathic ones. At this point in North...

The Fever To Vaccinate Part II - Slipping You The Needle

I’ve heard 2 stories this week of people going to see their doctor about something totally unrelated to seasonal influenza and without any discussion or request, suddenly having a needle thrust at the

Homeopathy - Why the Bad Rap?

How does homeopathy stack up in randomized controlled drug trials similar to those used to test pharmaceutical drugs? Surprising results - despite the "comparing apples and oranges" methodology, home