home ownership

In Canada, dream of home ownership not so much far-flung as just far away

Julien Simon and his wife were living happily in their condo in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby when life intervened last year in the form of a baby on the way. The couple — he's an Internet marketer...

Vancouver must tackle foreign home ownership problem head on: Sandy Garossino

"This is a boiling issue ... but has been remarkably suppressed in Vancouver ... largely because charges of racism have stifled this very important debate.”

When a house was a home and not real estate

A nostalgic look at home ownership, before the era of subprime loans and rampant home speculation.

Vancouver home ownership now costs 92 per cent of income: RBC

Local buyers are locked out of market, report concludes.

Dream of homeownership fades for many Canadians

Trish Rhéaume was visibly moved when Jimmy Carter handed her the key to her new home. Rhéaume, a single mother of a 16-year- old daughter, was one of six families who were housed by Habitat for...