Where Have All the Women & "Writers" Gone?

In the best of the big American left-leaning magazines, women writers are outnumbered by men by 2.7 to one, writes Heather Mallick  in her viewpoint column on CBC news today.

Harper’s, she writes, is the worse offender.

Mallick’s blog is a must read for any professional writer, who happens to be a woman, and wonders why her work is consistently refused by male editors and publishers, with explanations such as “it just doesn’t thematically hold together,” and why so many publications have male-dominated lists of writers and columnists.

It seems that men just like the way other men think and write. And that’s why magazines can seem like just another good old boy network, if you scan the contributor’s column.

Note, for instance, that The Tyee, one of this magazine’s favourite online publications, has seven male columnists to two female columnists.

Overall, however, Mallick says Canadian magazines do better than those in the US in terms of giving women equal space to report, narrate, and voice opinions as men.

One wonders if that’s saying very much.

Photography by Brian Powell

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