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Progress Summit 2014 liveblog: Mariana Mazzucato on government's vital role in entrepreneurialism

Mariana Mazzucato, author of The Entrepreneurial State, is speaking of how government leads the way in entrepreneurialism in green innovation.  Debunks idea that "government should get out of...

Cleantech firms not getting same respect as oil companies: Vancouver Mayor

Vancouver needs more "clean tech" champions to help clean the air and drive the economy.

Happy birthday, Carbon Talks

Carbon Talks formally launches today with its new website. It’s a project of Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue in association with three other faculties and was created to “accelerate the...

Recycling is winning strategy for Whitecaps

Let’s face it, we’ve all become inured to the ephemera of packaging – the coffee cups, take out containers, food wrappers, store receipts – that we grasp for a few moments before committing them to...

The five day ethical MBA: Hollyhock's Social Venture Institute

I knew exactly two things about Social Venture Institute before attending the mid-September event at Hollyhock Centre this year: 1) some of the most prescient and brilliant social entrepreneurs in Nor

Projecting Change Film Festival 2010 opened on Earth Day at Fifth Avenue Cinema and plays all weekend

Are you interested in being green, saving the planet, or just learning more about Sustainable living? Check out the Projecting Change Film Festival 2010 running at the Fifth Avenue cinema, which opene