"Nothing Good" Coming Down In Republic of Georgia

Friend writes in to Vancouver Observer about Georgia

Is it another oil grab? Is it the beginning of World War III, timed to make sure Republicans win the American presidential race? I wondered as I read "1500 killed in Georgia," the headline on www.Huffingtonpost.com [Huffington Post] today, how this conflict had apparently bubbled up out of nowhere. I thought of my friend, Nino Khunashvilli, who immigrated to the US after fleeing Georgia around 1996. I asked her to explain what was going on. The conflict, it is no surprise, hadn't just bubbled up. Nino wrote:

"It's crazy. South Osetia is part of Georgia that was populated by Osethians. they wanted to be seperate from Georgia and to join Russia.

All this started in 1990. So since 1992, Russian troops are there as a "peacekeepers". (Explain to me, what is Russia doing in another country?) Officialy, South Osetia is part of Georgia but with Russian troops in there regulating life. Russia recently gave population in South Osetia Russian citizenship, which makes no sense. So now Georgia has a new president who wants to unite it.

He decided to take control in South Osetia. When the Georgian army tried to enter it, Russian peacekeepers started to shoot them, so Georgia responded as well. The Russian government said they had to protect Russian citizens in South Osetia and they sent more tanks and more troops.

But by that time Georgia took over the region and Russia bombed about 5 more cities in Georgia, which were very far from that region. These places were strategic as well. So, basically, Russia invaded Georgia (since both are different independent countries). For now I was talking to my friend in Tbilisi and she said it's really bad this time.

A few cities were bombed and completely destroyed, and thousands of people died, so for now it is "nothing good."

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