Geoff Meggs

Vision Vancouver election explainer

A backgrounder on Vision Vancouver - the party, their goals and a few events to look out for.

Greenest City Action Plan aims to double green jobs by 2020, Johnston tells council

Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston said the Greenest City Action Plan is divided into three themes and is one of the most ambitious in the world.

Isn't it kind of strange that Vancouver would have a super-sized casino downtown?

While Vancouverites were trying to make sense of the problems surrounding the Olympic Village right before the 2008 civic election, the development proposal for a super-sized casino next to B.C....

Michael Geller clarifies his position on Olympic Village social housing

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood." Michael Geller said he can't get that song out of his head lately and he sang it as I photographed him...

Vancouver to have one last chance to weigh in on proposal for BC's largest casino

The new casino will more than triple the number of slot machines - from 493 to 1, 500 - and include an additional 150 table games. Two hotels, with a total of 620 rooms, are also expected to be includ

First the party; now the hangover

The torch burned brightly for Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games. Now, for the bill...

Geoff Meggs Assures Vancouver Residents Fridge Magnets Will be Safe During Olympics

Vancouver city council has bowed to public pressure and is reconsidering parts of the controversial 2010 Olympics “sign” bylaw. Critics have charged that the bylaw would have significantly infringed o