full day kindergarten

BCTF finds lack of substance in Campbell's education announcements

Premier Gordon Campbell's much-anticipated announcements around education in his televised address to British Columbians on Wednesday has left teachers cold. "The Premier’s address lacked depth...

Cage match: Full day kindergarten versus the alternative

Full day kindergarten goes head to head with the alternative: half a day spent with parents or in daycare.

Full day kindergarten: It's about equality

Why could the impact of full day kindergarten be so significant - not just for young children but as an investment in the future economic well-being of our province?

When did education become a race?

A Kelowna teacher argues that early full day kindergarten is a developmental mistake, especially for boys.

Teachers gear up for full day kindergarten

The theme of full day kindergarten: more play, fewer worksheets...

VSB chair Patti Bacchus calls on parents to ask MLAs for more money for Vancouver schools

"I cannot overstate how difficult it will be to make up this $18.12 million dollar funding shortfall," Patti Bacchus, Vancouver School Board chairman said in an email yesterday. "The VSB has already m

More on Full Day Kindergarten: Who and Where?

Children who reach their fifth birthday before December 31st, 2010 are now eligible to register for kindergarten in the Vancouver School District. Schools began taking applications on November 2nd...