Rumana Monzur story: responses to news UBC student's eyes beyond repair

After today's news that UBC student Rumana Monzur's eyes are beyond repair, following the savage attack by her husband in Bangladesh, VO stopped a few people on the street to ask for their responses...

Book review: Feminism For Real

This year's must-read is Feminism for Real: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Copy of Feminism, edited by Jessica Yee, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network.

Bridesmaids, Potiche, Priest and DOXA documentaries

How unusual. No superheroes this week. Just a vampire-killing priest, and he wasn’t even previewed for the media. So, for a welcome change, the women get some unobstructed screen time in this week's...

SlutWalk coming to Vancouver in May

After a Toronto police officer's misogynist remark, SlutWalk Vancouver is planned for May 15.

The date rape test debate

This past week, Canadian pharmacies started stocking the Drink Detective, a portable kit the size of a credit card that women can use to detect the presence of date rape drugs in their drinks. My...

Meryl Streep says being a celebrity taught her to hide

Meryl Streep, speaking today at the Barnard College commencement in Manhattan, told graduates that..."If you are touched by the success fairy you are duty-bound to spread what you know around like...

Vancouver women's groups up for Lilith Fair Money

I was 13 years old when I first went to Lilith Fair at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver. I was a huge fan of its founder, Vancouverite Sarah McLachlan, and I remember feeling so cool to be coming...

Girls Should Slay More Dragons

The Paper Bag Princess is the cutest feminist icon ever. Let's raise her profile.


The Lives and Times of Women Elders in BC