False Creek

A diesel fuel spill hit False Creek wharf Monday. Photo by Jeremy Board

Oil spill communication improved since English Bay leak, says Coast Guard

Spill posed no significant human health risk but nearby residents were advised to reduce fume intake by closing windows and turning off air conditioners.

Vancouver water taxis and ferries: see the city from the water

Tiny ferries treading False Creek from Maritime Museum to Olympic Village in both directions provide guests with stress-free, scenic water transportation for thirty years.
severed foot BC

BC's severed-limb phenomenon moves to Ottawa, then boomerangs back again

It began with the delivery of a package containing a human foot found at the Conservative Party Headquarters in Ottawa last week. Then a hand was uncovered at a post office, destined for...

Top Vancouver events May 3- 9: Reimagine CBC Vancouver, Spot Prawn festival

As Vancouver warms up for the summer, it's time to get outside and check out what the city has to offer this month.

Snow in Vancouver: photos

It was a cold but beautiful snow day in Vancouver, when winter decided to finally pay the city a visit. Even a thin layer of snow can cause disarray here, so main streets and busy sidewalks were...

CityStudio: putting campuses to work on Greenest City goals

Educators, professionals and citizens pull up a chair and share.

Weekend events in Vancouver

Iron Chef winner Rob Feenie will show off his talent on stage at this weekend's Eat! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival. That's just one of the great things happening this weekend in Vancouver....

It's all about the music | BeeVancity top event picks for May 5-11

So the campaigning and voting is all over. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, give yourself a pat on the back if you went out and voted! We're excited for Elections Canada to release their...

Grumble at the Roundhouse

Last night the employees of the Edgewater Casino marched on Yaletown.

A rainbow lights up the sky over Vancouver

We don't get many thunderstorms here in Vancouver, but we do get the occasional rainbow. Especially this time of the year. The sun's always low on the horizon, and the sky often clear in the West in...