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Age like your dog

With any luck we’ll all get old and maybe even wise. And we could take a few tips from our canine pals.


Like rust, sarcopenia never sleeps. But it's never too late to fight back.

Vancouver’s Fitness Leaders: StayFitAnywhere

People throw around the term "life-changing" a lot, but with StayFitAnywhere that is exactly what happens. They'll change your life and you'll feel better for it and it doesn’t hurt that the trainers

Two wheel zeal: why biking beats driving

I love living in Vancouver. One of the first things I did when I moved here was sell my car.  Living and working downtown, my once beloved Honda Civic became more of a nuisance...

Car free

A few weeks ago, I gave up my car. This has been a mostly liberating, occasionally euphoric, and sometimes daunting lifestyle shift. The car had become like a second skin in the three years I'd...

Lactate Burn

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Olympics. The current 2010 Winter Olympics frenzy in Vancouver leads me to reflect on high-level athletic performance, particularly in terms of the physiology of the "la

Resistance Training Improves Cognitive Function in Senior Women, Researchers Find

Resistance training in senior women may improve their higher brain functions. A 12-month, Vancouver-based experiment on women ages 65 to 75 shows that resistance training, or anaerobic exercise, doesn

Fat to Thin: New Year Your Body... Realistically

It takes one to know one, how to lose weight and keep it off - how I lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off for 5 years and why you can do it too.

Exploring yoga on a budget

One of the biggest barriers to experimenting with yoga is the cost: whether you’re enrolling in a regular class or buying monthly passes to a studio, yoga can put a real dent in your bank account. If...