Environmental Youth Alliance

A fish grows in Vancouver

Want to farm fish in your apartment? Collect eggs from your own hen house? Turn up a banner crop of mushrooms for the omelets? Don't have a clue how to get started? Call the Backyard Bounty Collectiv

Launch of the Backyard Bounty Collective

The Backyard Bounty Collective is pleased to announce their official launch: Meet and eat with City Hall Councilors and Vancouver’s 4 newest “farmpreneurs”, and celebrate what is possible in...

'Up With Hope' Addresses Waste Management Issues in Kenya Through Three East Vancouver Guys and the Environmental Youth Alliance

The underlying concept of ‘Up With Hope’ is best deciphered through the story of a twenty-year-old Kenya resident named Kaka (which is Swahili for brother). He is the leader of the Mathare...