Enbridge Northern Gateway

Oil sands bitumen exports undermine Canada's economic future

Canada is severely shortchanging itself by exporting oil sands bitumen, renowned economist Robyn Allan argues.

Parliament rejects NDP motion to stop FIPA

Denied: a motion to defeat the China-Canada FIPA has been shut down.

Parliament debates NDP motion to defeat FIPA

The Canadian House of Commons debated a motion Thursday to stop the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA, or FIPA). The NDP, whose MP Don Davies tabled the motion,...

No Northern Gateway construction without safety plan: NEB

Enbridge would need to set up a voluntary spill and tanker safety plan, submit extensive documentation on First Nations employment, and have almost $1-billion in liability coverage in order to build...

Inside Stephen Harper's political theatre

At the Joint Review Panel hearings on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway oil sands pipeline, everyone was on script.

Carrie Saxifrage's introduction to upcoming series on Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

“Super Natural” British Columbia is a magical place. Ten thousand years ago, people, plants and animals filled in behind retreating glaciers to create a generous land. The ocean lavishly fertilized...

A 16-year-old's testimony at Enbridge Northern Gateway JRP: "What the hell were you thinking?"

A 16-year-old challenges Canadians on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, saying his generation will have to deal with the consequences of climate change.

Doctor describes Harper government "pathology" at Kelowna JRP

Dr. Warren Bell criticized Harper's 'pathology of governance' at Kelowna Joint Review Panel hearings.

'Protect the Sacred' gathering of Indigenous Nations to draft new treaty opposing pipelines

Nations from all across Canada and the United States will meet in South Dakota in hopes of drafting a new treaty of solidarity against oil sands development.

The Northern Gateway brief: unhappy political options and geopolitical assessment

I spent much of last week in Alberta which, as anyone who has traveled across Canada knows, is a very different place from BC. While there, it became increasingly clear that talking about the oil...