Elizabeth May

Is the future Green? Adriane Carr thinks so

2011 Vancouver Civic Election: Representing the newest party on Vancouver City Council, Adriane Carr culminated 30 years of vying for office with a surprise win on Saturday.

Parliament to resume June 2

OTTAWA-Parliament will return June 2-one month to the day after the Conservatives won their long-sought majority. Government House leader John Baird said the Commons will first choose a Speaker, then...

May celebrates historic Green win, but Parliament could make for lonely days

DECISION 2010: Ex-Reformer Deborah Grey has been there before -- and says it won't be easy in Ottawa for May being a party of one.

The Liberals' historic defeat: living in interesting times

DECISION 2011: Toronto helped Stephen Harper to a majority. The NDP is the Official Opposition. The Bloc has only two seats, and the Greens have one. Not a bad news day.

Strategic voting in B.C. ridings “crucial” for outcome of federal election

DECISION 2011: Anti-Conservative group promotes strategic voting to prevent a Tory majority -- even if it means voters have to hold their noses.

Excluded from official debates, Green Party leader Elizabeth May gets her televised bout

She's been excluded from the federal election debates, but Green Party leader Elizabeth May is still going to have her say. Channel Zero, an independent Canadian broadcaster, gave May and all...