Ayogo Games wants to change the world, one healthy step at a time

HealthSeeker, a new Facebook app produced by Ayogo Games, uses social networks and instant gratification to encourage healthy behaviour.

Layoff follows Olympic-sized learning experience for Vancouver teacher

Vancouver elementary school teacher Myriam Dumont described in two previous blog postings how she tried to bring critical thinking about the Olympics into her classroom. In this final posting of this

What really happened outside the Fairmont Hotel at the G8 University Summit protest?

"This is not an apathetic moment," activist Harsha Wallia said. Protesters were demonstrating against the move towards the privatization of Canada's universities that some believed the G8 University S

Bloedel Conservatory: what's the big deal?

The Bloedel Conservatory, a local landmark since 1969, houses an assortment of exotic plants and colourful birds that can be seen for less than $5. The building might close forever, so check it out b

Read-in at Tyee School protests provincial budget cuts in education

Schools are under threat of losing important staff due to provincial budget cuts. More cut backs to libraries and librarians would be yet another blow to the already besieged public education system,

VSB chair Patti Bacchus calls on parents to ask MLAs for more money for Vancouver schools

"I cannot overstate how difficult it will be to make up this $18.12 million dollar funding shortfall," Patti Bacchus, Vancouver School Board chairman said in an email yesterday. "The VSB has already m

Government Ignores Legally Required Privacy Impact Assessment, FIPA Says

The BC government is ploughing ahead with a massive data-matching program that will centralize control of all the personal information obtained from citizens who receive government services, despite...

UBC and Nexterra Systems partnering to use clean-energy technology to power campus

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is partnering with local company,  Nexterra Systems Corp., and GE Water and Power, to convert wood waste to power  the campus. The university will...

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. It has been a wonderful year of sculpting here on Quadra Island, a wonderful year of exhibiting my work in the city, and a wonderful year of reflecting on various kinds of things and

The ABC's of a Pro-D

One day last February, I found myself standing in front of an audience of 150, solemnly reciting a co-authored haiku poem about my brain. Four colleagues stood beside me in a row, waving their...