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Canucks' winning ways masking bad habits

Ten games into the season and the following two statements are true simultaneously: Buffalo Sabres’ winger Thomas Vanek is on pace for 99 points in 48 games, and the Vancouver Canucks are on pace for...

No excuse for Canucks poor play, and Ryan Kesler won't save them

It’s easy to spin the poor play of the Vancouver Canucks into a simple tale of rust and acclimation. The excuses are many. But there's more to this than meets the eye.

Alain Vigneault's recipe for disaster

If there are silver linings perhaps the biggest one is this: There’s just enough time to fly Ryan Kesler to Lourdes and back before the Canucks next game on Wednesday night....

Hockey-loving couple weds on the ice rink: viral video

A Romeo and Juliet love story between an Oilers fan and a Canucks fan...

NHL kick off - Western Conference preview

Canucks' captain Henrik Sedin poses with the Clarence Campbell Bowl after winning the Western Conference last season.