Edgewater Casino Expansion

Gambling in Vancouver, B.C. under scruitiny

Why Edgewater casino could go bankrupt and leave us holding the bag

Suddenly clouds have formed on the horizon for the planned new Edgewater Casino at BC Place, as news comes that regulators are reviewing the viability of the project and the suitability of former BC...
Site 10a

Edgewater Casino resurrection: Paragon re-pitches BC Place deal

Renewed attempt to glue an expanded Edgewater Casino to the side of BC Place.

At City Hall hearings on casino expansion, proponents and opponents struggled to be heard

An hour before the public hearings on the proposed casino expansion at BC Place, Vancouver Not Vegas organized a casino protest on the steps of City Hall.  Passing motorists honked their...

Is PAVCO's proposed mega-casino at B.C. Place too big to fail? No!!!!

Just picture it. We did. Cash from the proposed mega-casino at B.C. Place, heads down I-5 to the Las Vegas-based Paragon Gaming as revenue. The sleaze stays here.

Grandview-Woodland Area council opposes casino development

Grandview-Woodland Area council announced its opposition to  the Edgewater casino expansion at BC Place, according to a press release sent out by Tom Durrie. They are the third neigbourhood...

Community service and arts groups ask City to intervene in gaming development

The BC Association for Charitable Gaming, a coalition of approximately 1,000 non-profit community service, sports, cultural, and other organizations held a media conference yesterday morning at...