Eastside Culture Crawl

Vancouver’s Must Attend Art Events in 2011

Time to grab your phone and mark your calendars, because these are Vancouver’s best art events for 2011. We’ll see you there!

You don't need a ball gown to attend an auction

And a few other tips for infiltrating the art world...

The Eastside Culture Crawl: Don't miss it!

Masks. City lights inside trees, Airstream trailers, a whirling dervish. That’s what I step into when I enter Georgia Jackson Studios, my first stop on this year’s Culture Crawl.

Vancouver State of the Arts: Alive and Well and Living on the Eastside

Community - essential, wide-ranging, friendly, democratic. The spirit of a community in action, aware of itself, celebrating even as it voices serious concerns for its future...

45 Local Vancouver Artists Featured in 2009 Eastside Culture Crawl

What a difference a decade makes. The Eastside Culture Crawl officially began in 1997 with 45 artists in 3 Strathcona area studio buildings and was attended by a few hundred people, me amongst them...