Seth Rogen, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hardy get entangled in weird situations

Also, there are those fans of My Little Pony? Read about their obsession.

Man carrying fake gun assaults cab driver

A 25-year-old Vancouver man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a taxi driver after the cab he was a passenger in collided with another.  The two cabs were driving in the 900-block of...

Ubuntu: a computer operating system built around community

It's a South African word that means "humanity to others", and no, it's not "vulvuzela".

Cell Phones in Cars: B.C. Government Gets it Half Right

Driver alert: as of January 1, 2010 you'll have to put down that cell phone and switch to a hands-free device. But why is the provincial government ignoring research that shows that hands-free phones