defend our coast

No comment from premier as thousands protest pipelines, tankers at MLA offices across BC

BC Premier Christy Clark's Press Secretary said Clark had no comments for the protests planned across BC in front of MLA offices as part of the Defend Our Coast campaign.

Ethical Oil founder Ezra Levant slams Defend Our Coast protests in BC

Wilderness Committee's Ben West strikes back.

Enormous crowd at Defend Our Coast demonstration undeterred by "a little rain"

"It's time for citizens from all walks of life to take a stance," Berman told the Vancouver Observer by phone from the Defend Our Coast demonstration.

McKibben, Suzuki, Berman and Klein to lead anti-pipeline sit in

Tzeporah Berman, Stephen Lewis, David Suzuki, Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben will be among 80 high-profile public figures sitting outside the BC parliament on October 22...